June 05 Wed 10:41 – The Sonic Boom From Thunder Overhead

We sacrificed the gifts of nature for a higher calling. We fought the struggle to eliminate the unjust rule of priests and kings that accumulated riches for themselves, in celebration of their own glory. We reached out from this planet with the promise that one day we would be immortal among the stars. We sacrificed the blood of our own with the assurance of peace on the tongues of the experts guiding us towards the ultimate destiny of mankind.

And after this most recent 26,000+ year cycle, what do we have to show for all the sacrifice, pain, and grinding labor to build ourselves closer to Source?

Sports cars. Dick pills. Retail therapy. Boob jobs. 24 Hour Pharmacy across the street from the foreclosed Farmer’s Market. Obelisks reaching to the sky, in monument to the virulent system that crushes every last soul on the planet in a multi-tiered pyramid of puppetry serving… what? Greed? How futile. How childish. How short sighted.

How can anyone serving or enabling this kind of destitute poverty of enlightenment propose that they are worthy of more than they allow themselves?

There are hard lessons to learn. The first step is to be willing. The second is conviction. The third you will see when the time is right.

Rook Takes Pawn

You should cease listening to Alex Jones because the opposition has cast him as “our leader”. Full stop. There’s no need to discuss the lack of accuracy, the obvious gamesmanship of turning a buck on fear, his Bohemian Grove reveal that was the beginning of the end for his credibility, or his obvious predilection for drama.

We must disperse our attention like rational adults in search of evidence backed truth. This is in direct opposition to the empire that Alex Jones has become, and of his own choosing allegedly.

Every time we give someone like Alex Jones the power to speak for a whole that does not exist, the Media will look to make that whole a tangible entity. And they will make someone we hold up like Jones it’s face. Therefore, when THE MEDIA, the biggest most effective goddamn propaganda machine ever created speaks to the public we desperately need to reach out to ourselves, we appear on the Piers Morgan show looking like a total fucking jackass.

YES, there are other voices. YES, we should operate as individuals. YES, we should be more critical of the information we get before passing it along. Those are valid, often discussed topics regarding the inefficiencies of ‘the movement’. But when we passively endorse a person who frankly embodies all of our worst traits, you bet your ass the opposition is going to make that man first a star, and then a puppet, and then an executioner for what he purports to represent.

At this level, the true intentions of Alex Jones become inconsequential. At this level, the opposition controls the Alex Jones empire, and by association, him. At this point, even though sheer inaction, Jones can destroy the very real collective of individuals who are truth seekers.

We are at a very dangerous time in our country. The opposition is very powerful within it’s systems of war and law. We The People cannot afford such a powerful opposition the kind of gift basket that Alex Jones has become. I have no ill will towards the man personally, I do not know him. But his empire hangs over the genuine efforts of so many like a silent knife, always waiting for the downstroke.

Now when you talk to people about alternative news, the go-to is ‘oh, like that Alex Jones guy? He’s kind of a nutter.’ This is exactly the desired effect of putting Jones on the Morgan carnival circuit. To place an immediate chill on any discussion that doesn’t intimately follow established Corporate Media narratives.

This is why you must not listen to Alex Jones. He is compromised, it’s very clear. I wish him luck, because he’ll need it. But he doesn’t represent any of what I and more then a few other People in this country and the world understand to be the importance of knowing the truth.


“The best part about the internet is that you can read something, say ‘That’s fuckin’ bullshit’, and then immediately go look it up and say ‘see I was right’ or ‘holy shit, that shit’s true?'”

–Patrice O’Neil

The Gangstalking Begins: I have a new Friend.

It’s name is Analogy_Group_Mimic. It is an entity on reddit. It has no post history. It’s account age is 1 day old, every day. Reddit Investigator has nothing on the username. It is messaging my account, unsolicited. It is telling me the most interesting things, hoping I’ll squeal like a pig to anyone that will listen.

Well, no one listens here, and I understand I’m talking to the future. If at all. So I leave you with what I know, and hope it will help.
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The Korean Penninsula and it’s place on the current Geopolitical Chessboard..

Most important to note – China is mostly interested in economic dominion. They seem to be taking a page from the UiSrael playbook and turning it on it’s authors for profit:

China is investing heavily in Africa. The UiSrael is taking notice (Kony 2012, notably) and is trying to establish a foothold to engender financial conflict via warlord funding and destabilization, a Mossad staple. China very desperately needs the mineral resource deposits of Africa to sustain it’s economic farce long enough to wait out the coming global economic collapse and emerge the sole superpower. But with the US establishing drone bases nearby, their gameplan could become very problematic. UiSrael is also a resource hungry animal, and has demonstrated a willingness to crush any and all competition via subversion to meet it’s goals.

There is no hope for a humanitarian solution when the public line does not acknowledge global subversion of sovereign nations as a resource war.

So what’s a China to do?

I recall that in the fall of 2010, there was a very strange missile launch off the coast of California. Earlier last year, a Chinese diesel sub popped up off the coast of California in the middle of a US naval wargame – undetected.

NK has diesel subs. Sounds like China has the approach vector down, why not share with their actor state?

NK goes running off to holla at the US across the Pacific, with the understanding that China will back them. When questioned, China simply responds “You know how North Korea is, so crazy!” while they push outdated and/or previously mothballed hardware into NK’s adjoining border and promptly forget about it. This creates some nice surprises for sleepy Yankee as they engage an underestimated enemy, whatever it takes to keep the USMC and USAF as busy as possible.

And as the Great White Paper Tiger shifts it’s focus to the peninsula, China engages in soft talk with Africa about how they have been abandoned again. China talks about the possibility of opening it’s vast markets to the continent’s mineral deposits at incredible prices. Africa dreams of sustainability and prosperity for a song, and China gives them the harp to make it happen.

At least, that’s how I’d play it.

EDIT: Only one problem – UiSarel’s other actor-state, al-Qaeda, has been steamrolling the Mediterranean coast, and my read is that they are headed for Egypt to kick off the African leg of their pillaging. Should China come up against AQ, that would be very messy indeed. If UiSrael is as bold as some claim, a Chinese v AQ conflict would be an… interesting window to unify Korea and expand influence in the region. China would find it’s trap wholly reversed, and left with a split navy if it were to try and engage both fronts.

Tilted Game

~~~The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”~~~
The source of the term “Reality-based community” is a quotation in an October 17, 2004, The New York Times Magazine article by writer Ron Suskind, quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove)
These ‘people’ know a ugly truth Americans are slow to discover; that in their heart of hearts, most Americans are fair people playing a tilted game. The Neo-Con movement was a coup to become those who tilt the game, instead of simply being those closest to the tilting. The frighteningly effective terrorists are among us, not them.

How The World Has Worked For Eons

Well, that’s pretty much my point. The Manhattan Project was so black that no one out side of those actively working on the project knew about it until Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Not only is that a demonstration of Nazi tech with American funding/backing, but also a demonstration of the government’s true ability to keep a secret. Moreover, there are camps that state it was a double conspiracy, and that the damage to the two Japanese cities was done by hundreds of planes dropping tons of napalm, as you can see concrete buildings still standing at the epicenter of the ‘atomic’ blast zones even to this day.

The Nazi scientists aren’t in control of anything, on that you are correct. There were controlled and manipulated into a position where they would be most beneficial to whatever agenda unfolds outside of the public sphere. Much like America is now being manipulated into doing the bidding of the Zionist state. It’s not ZOMG JEWS in control, Most Jews are like most Christians, simply trying to go about their lives and pissed about the direction of their government and angry at the constant larceny stemming from the financial sector.

Whatever the overall agenda is, it benefits immensely from a global war centered on Iran. This is clear when you monitor the geopolitical chessboard with any focused level of scrutiny. For instance, an American insurrection would hinder a global war with Iran, but fleecing the American economy to arm all players is essential and so must continue. But how do you keep Americans from revolting against the power structure? Well, you must remove their weapons and watch over them like a hawk (eagle). But if Americans think you’re violating their rights, they will revolt anyway. So you must make Americans think it’s their idea to give up their rights. How do you do that? Well, Americans have been programmed to value life, especially young life. So you must threaten their young and tell them the only solution is to give up their rights. Have a shooting where kids are killed. Have another. Have a few more. And once you’ve got them in an emotional frenzy, tell them that a solution is on the way. Tell them experts believe that giving up their guns will make the hurting stop. Watch them ‘be patriots’ and adhere to what people they believe are smarter than their gut tell them.

And if they don’t comply, have the shootings continue until they are left with no choice but to comply with the laws imposed upon them.

Then they have no guns. Then they cannot stop Martial Law if it’s necessary. Then they will have no say in the direction of their government. Then they risk their lives and well being and the well being of others if they protest the global war with Iran or the re-appropriation of their food and resources.

This is how the world works, not because of Nazis or Jews or America or China. This is how the world has worked for EONS, and it’s because of the Nature Of Man being influenced and gamed by the Psychopath. THAT is the true enemy, and you’ll never hear that on the Corporate controlled media outlets.

That’s why they don’t mind the Circus.

One opinion I can say for sure has changed of mine in the past 3 years is my opinion about Obama as a President. I dislike how he runs things. Very hands off, pandering to the power structure. Doing things behind the backs of the public and waving the magic Democrat wand – as if to tell us (and not even as if, very definitely!) that if we don’t understand the WHY of how things are done, then we’re too ignorant to be told. That we should sit down and shut the fuck up because he’s “got this, motherfucker.”

What he’s GOT is a very solid chance at getting unseated. And after what I’ve seen with NDAA and SOPA and PIPA and ACTA and and and… I have to say it would definitely be happening to a deserving President.

But if you think for a second, that Obama doesn’t know how to move a crowd?! That he is not, or has forgotten how to be, the Jay-Z of Politics… you’re just flat out delusional.
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