Why Jingoism Will Slay Humanity

True Believer

I am not trying to be antagonistic when I ask this next question, I just am honestly curious as to your answer. If you believe there are more appealing countries out there, why do you not chose to live in them? I absolutely believe there are many countries out there doing positive things, I just wonder if there is a reason you chose to stay here if you don’t agree with how things are run?

Ronin Tetsuro

As I am not a binary thinker, for me stating that it’s okay to acknowledge that this country has problems does not automatically equate to my having another country I wish to live in. Nor should it.

It is the very definition of Patriotism to question what you see wrong with the world around you. Especially where there are clear indicators that something is very wrong in DC. This isn’t a matter of where I would rather live or what place is better to live. For right now, we both live in America. Is it not a matter of self preservation to question what is being done in our name? Especially when it is so vile, so crass, so brazen, so self-destructive, and so mortally wounding to the entirety of the Human race?

Look, Humanity exists on one planet, and one planet only. Our capability to do otherwise is in a distant, and perhaps alternate future. That said, we also have no concrete measurable proof that some cosmic force is out there watching over us. We don’t even know if there are any MORTAL forces other than humans in the whole of the known Universe, and trust me, we’ve mapped a FUCKTON of empty space. Let’s for the sake of this particular argument accept that all these things are Universal Truths, regardless of your orientation on a variety of topics. All of these things considered, don’t you think we should be taking care of one another? I don’t even mean in a fiscal sense that has come to be defined by HMO’s and lawyers, I mean in the sense that we have NO WHERE ELSE TO GO. We Have To Work This Out. Only humans can save humans. Period.

And we’re too busy making SILVER the first endangered precious mineral on the planet to create BOMBS to drop on the people of Libya? We’re wasting our own liberty at home to occupy a sovereign nation? Millions of people in The Greatest Damn Country In Existence are starving and homeless because some prick with tee-time and modest little place in Dubai needs his “performance” oops, sorry… “retention” bonus to carry on his doomed lifestyle of excess and gluttony? All I’m asking is can we agree that This is Now Officially Class Warfare, and we need to rethink everything about how we live, who we consider enemies and friends, and how we fundamentally understand and treat our planet?

Am I the ONLY one that sees 7 Trillion people looking to us for an answer, and turning around to look at the people who stand with me… and really question if we’re up to the task of saving the Universe? Anyone? Bueller?

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